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Every 6 months, for the lifetime of the system, it is recommended that you have routine maintenance performed by a professional that is certified by Hoot. This ensures that your system is functioning at the optimum level. Bosco Industries LLC has the mechanical components that sustain a biological environment where wastewater treatment takes place.

Get the maximum return on your investment with a maintenance contract

With a maintenance contract from Bosco Industries LLC, your system will get regular cleanings and refurbishments to make certain that your aerobic treatment system is running smoothly. Regular maintenance will prevent small problems from turning into large scale and expensive repairs down the road. Call us for expert vacuum services to avoid costly damages to your residential, municipal, industrial, commercial or marine sewer system.


FREE estimates

If your system isn’t performing up to your standards, or if you just want to stay a step ahead of future maintenance costs, call Bosco Industries LLC to schedule a FREE estimate on maintenance contracts.

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