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Our HOOT Aerobic Treatment System is a complete five-stage, one piece wastewater treatment system. This aerobic treatment system is packed with features that make it operate like a miniature municipal treatment plant.

SAVE on future maintenance costs with our innovative design

The simple HOOT design cuts back on installation and maintenance costs. Its long-lasting, intuitive computer monitoring system operates the system at minimal cost, verifying that the system is operating properly without having to open the system.

The GREEN treatment system

The HOOT system, thanks to its intuitive design, has become the preferred wastewater treatment system where there is no sewer connection, poor soil conditions, or not enough space for a traditional system. Help prevent environmental damage by installing an eco-friendly HOOT system for your wastewater treatment needs.

How the 5-stage system works

– Influent enters the pretreatment tank

– Influent enters the aeration chamber where the wastewater is pumped with oxygen.

– In the clarifier chamber, influent is treated until a clear, odorless effluent rises.

– The clear effluent passes through the chlorinator for disinfection.

– Disinfected effluent finally enters the holding tank, ready for discharge.

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